What are the ideas and theories that drive insurrections?

Massive uprisings, from the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall Street, to the movement of the squares, to Black Lives Matter have shaken the very core of our world system.

Are these anti-systemic insurrections connected in some way? What does it mean when an insurrection takes place? How are demands produced in an insurrection? Are today’s insurrections developing new theories of social and political change?


Insurrections will introduce viewers to a fresh set of ideas and thought at the core of today’s wave of insurrections, shedding light on questions that continue to perplex:

What is an insurrection and what happens in it?What is the history of insurrections and how can we better understand today’s moment of intensified insurrection?What are the different forms of riots?What are the conditions by which an insurrection succeeds, and what population groups are key actors in insurrections?

Insurrections has interviewed today’s foremost philosophers who have been thinking, writing and actively participating in these uprisings, including Alain Badiou, the most important living French philosopher according to the BBC, Jodi Dean, author of Crowds and Party, poet and theorist Joshua Clover, author of Riot. Strike. Riot: The New Era of Uprisings, the Iranian philosopher Farhang Erfani, and the American political philosopher Richard Gilman-Opalsky, as well as potential interviews with famed feminist theorist Silvia Federici and the indefatigable African American philosopher, Cornel West.

Insurrections Logo

With your help, we will tell a story that has yet to be told of the way that new thinking and ideas are emerging out of today’s most important struggles.

Join the story of Insurrections by helping it be told. We have completed a first round of interviews with leading theorists, and need your help to interview key activists that have been seized and transformed by participation in insurrections – and who in turn are developing transformational theories. Your support will help us get up-close to riots and protest movements. We have prepared a reasonable budget to achieve these goals.

What We Need & What You Get

This crowdfunding campaign has a very modest goal of $13,000.

Your support will provide essential seed funding that will enable us to enter phase two of the project. Thus far, we have self-funded the project. After completing phase two of production we will be in a position to attract foundation grants and larger funders.

Your support will additionally enable us to:

  • Film in-depth interviews with key activists playing a role in different insurrections.
  • Capture up-close footage of insurrections as they happen across the world.
  • Conduct 2 – 3 final interviews with philosophers Cornel West (interested), a follow-up interview with Alain Badiou and others.
  • Present a complete production plan to foundation grants for finishing funds, distribution support, and outreach help.

The Impact

We intend to tell a story that has yet to be told of the way that ideas and thought are driving today’s most important protests and movements. Your support will enable us to make the film.

  • Daniel and Jesse have the experience in documentary production and distribution to bring Insurrections to a large audience.
  • An extensive film festival and community screening tour.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute financially, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook, join our email list and invite us to screen the film in your community. But most importantly, we ask that you:

  • Share this crowdfunding page with your friends and network and encourage people to help us reach our goal.
  • Join our email list to receive updates on the project.
  • Follow us on social media Facebook, Twitter and looks for new developments!

And that’s all there is to it.


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